Web Viewer

The Web Viewer is fundamental for the operation and development of all other web modules. When the Web Viewer does not contain additional web modules, it is a classic Web browser with above average functionalities.

Spatial positioning is the same as in the Desktop Viewer, i.e. it is possible by using: addresses, parcels, buildings, equipment, utility infrastructure, customer service, coordinates, streets, districts, residential areas, etc.

The measurement of length and area includes drawing of the corresponding polyline, that is, a polygon that is recorded with the measured values.

The choice of the method for the rendering of spatial layers is associated with predefined options stored on the user’s server.

As with Desktop Viewer, work with vector and raster backgrounds (e.g. orthophotos, surveying drawings of different scales, ...) in the Web Viewer is fully automated. Also, the same functionality of the PRoGIS Server Engine is used for faster loading of raster and vector backgrounds.

When using our Web Viewer within the PRoGIS system, the user has available data sets created by the rest of the PRoGIS modules (e.g. records of faults, water quality). With the addition of other web modules, for example, the module for hydrant testing, the user can enter test results without PRoGIS software and physical presence in the local computer network.

It is intended for those workplaces that use some additional PRoGIS web modules, or for workplaces with less demanding activities that do not require complex selections and analyses. Naturally, Web Viewer provides browsing data outside the computer network.