Investment monitoring

This is one of our most complex modules. It is designed for keeping records of utilities in their planning, design and construction phases.

This module is used by company’s staff in the development, investment management, and supervision departments, and by managers who participate in these processes or control them.

The process starts with the evidence of a need for construction of particular municipal infrastructure and its placement in the grid plan.

The module monitors all contracting procedures and construction supervision whether the phases involved are those of design or construction.

For each phase, specific steps necessary for the process, are defined. For each step, employees are assigned who take on the responsibility for execution of that step, and for other data.

The coordinate and attribute description of the infrastructure that is the subject of the investment, is improved in phases. The module introduces a digital standard of the description of the municipal infrastructure which design engineering companies submit when submitting their plans.

Investment monitoring, of course, includes its financial aspect.

The module has a built-in routine for seeking investments that spatially overlap, but which are not planned for the same time period, that is, investments that should be carried simultaneously, although they are not planned that way.

In addition to utility companies, this module should be of interest to local governments because they carry out investments for all municipal infrastructure. This module enables them to significantly improve management procedures and to easily adjust all interventions in a given space in order to avoid repeatedly excavating the same locations.