A large number of our users have this useful module. It is designed for easily forming opinions and providing guidance in the process of urban planning as well as for providing information on conditions and approvals during the construction process.

The procedure is based on the opening of a subject which passes through certain phases.

Creation of the textual part of the documentation starts with choosing a template (type of document)

The software module then runs Microsoft Word to edit a text template for the final version of the document. There are a number of Microsoft Word variables by which the data on the subject, from the GIS layer attribute description, are imported automatically into the document.

The module very effectively creates all necessary graphic attachments using a series of pre-prepared templates.

The user is free to choose the scale, visibility of spatial layers, attribute description, and the type of background.

Searching of published documents is simple. It can be done by space and by attribute descriptions. Data on approvals can be visible in all other workplaces that do not have this module installed, but which have the right to access this part of the GIS data through PRoGIS desktop or Web Viewer.

An integral part of the module functionality is the creation of reports.

This means that existing standard reports can be adapted to the user or the user can add new ones.

From our experience, we can say that most of our customers choose this module in the early stages of implementation of the PRoGIS information system.