Vehicle Tracking

A very large number of companies offer software for vehicle tracking. The advantage of our solution lies in the fact that the module is an integral part of the technical information system and that it also enables easy access to all other data already in the system. In our module you can find, in addition to backgrounds with the structure of roads and vehicles, the infrastructure maintained by the user. The module can be linked to work orders of the business information system, and through it with other GIS software modules and of course, supported work tasks (for example, repairing of faults, water sampling). In this way, in addition to vehicle tracking in space and time, the cause that led to the need of the presence of vehicles in particular locations, and the amount of time spent for the execution of planned work tasks, can also be analyzed.

In addition to routes, total downtime is noted and well described with attributes.

Data refers to the current state, as well as all previously recorded data.

The PRotOK company produces and supplies the software described. Upon the request of a user, and in cooperation with partner companies, we can offer a complete service.