Report service

This web service is dedicated to automatically creating and maintaining reports on the characteristics of the utility infrastructure, its functioning, the execution of employees’ tasks, and all other data that are recorded in the technical information system or information systems that are connected to it.

A list of reports of interest is defined in collaboration with the user, for example:

  • length of the constructed network by year,

  • number of faults by type and municipality,

  • water loss by DMA zones

  • number of approvals issued by type and employee.

Reports are produced in the form of tables and graphs. All users who have the right to access a certain report, can reach its updated version at any time and at any location with internet access.

Within the settings, for each person are defined the period and the list of reports and the manner in which reports are delivered (for example, a weekly e-mail sent to the director’s secretary).

This module enables the utility company’s management to monitor the development and functioning of municipal infrastructure as well as the productivity of their employees, in a simple and efficient way.