Longitudinal profile

The module is applicable to all line infrastructure (sewage, water supply, gas, public lighting, cable ducts, and optical network infrastructure) but is dependent upon the accurate input of height descriptions.

When the module is started, the main window for rendering of a longitudinal profile appears.

In the longitudinal profile window, infrastructure lines and objects are rendered in their real dimensions (not only by lines or points, but also by polygons).

The rendered longitudinal profile retains a link to the original GIS layer, so a good part of the GIS commands from the PRoGIS environment are available here (e.g. info command for attribute description, measuring, …). The same utility infrastructure element is visualized on the layout and in the longitudinal profile, although with different symbol. These elements remain "connected" because selection of the element on the layout, selects that element in the longitudinal profile and the opposite.

A longitudinal profile is rendered by choosing a section on the layout.

There is no limit with regard to the length of the segment and a software module will adjust the scale to the selected segment. The user can use a variety of commands to analyze the longitudinal profile. Results of analyses can be displayed in the info window, or an additional textual description of the longitudinal profile can be added to the drawing. In this way, the longitudinal profile is prepared for printing.

An integral part of the module is the export of the longitudinal profile into a common engineering style, automatically formatted to paper of A4 height and unlimited length, with automatic translation according to height so that the drawing can fit into predetermined A4 size height. Complete horizontal and height descriptions of the profile are written in the lower part of the drawing.

Intersections with all other utility lines (routes), that are managed by PRoGIS software, can be added to the longitudinal profile.

The easiest and most effective way to do a height analysis of the route of any utility line is the rendering of a longitudinal profile. This module is necessary for analyses of the sewage system where the height description is very complex and falls are essential for the proper functioning of the system.