Server Engine

It consists of a series of services that form the core of the PRoGIS information system. This module primarily provides operation of all other desktop and web modules. It represents a link between the PRoGIS software and one of the relational databases (the one selected by the user) in which all the data of the information system are stored.

The Server Engine module is also used for system administration. It determines the workplaces in which PRoGIS modules will be installed, and which data each workplace can access. Either the GIS administrator or the user can perform this function, or the PRotOK Ltd. company can also perform it as an aspect of software maintenance (depending on the maintenance agreement).

One part of the module performs the automatic installation of the new versions of software. The algorithm itself downloads new software versions from the PRotOK server and installs them on the utility company’s server and client computers. Such a service is included, among others, for users who have a Maintenance contract, as well as for those who have decided to use SaaS (software as a service).

A very important function is that of providing data in an appropriate format to other GIS or CAD workplaces, or to those workplaces that do not have PRoGIS software.

The Server Engine automatically updates all changes in background maps (orthophoto, scanned surveying maps, CAD drawings) that are installed locally on the user’s computer, in order to increase the network speed.

This module is installed when the PRoGIS system is initialized on the user’s computer. It is free of charge.