Water quality records

It completely fulfills the IT needs of laboratories for the testing of wastewater quality. The basis of the work of this module is a spatial layer of the sewage system with permanent sampling points drawn, or which shows polygons, sampling zones and the annual plan.

The sampling does not have a fixed grid plan. The user only chooses the planning precision (quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily). It is also possible to plan closer periods more precisely, and those that are farther away, less precisely (for example, a monthly plan can be made for the upcoming year, while a weekly plan is made for the upcoming month, and a daily plan is made for the upcoming week).

The list of water quality parameters is complete, and into it are entered all maximum allowed concentration values as well as historical ones.

Inside the laboratory, in each section, that is workplace, the only parameters that appear are those for which that section is responsible.

Development of the module in the GIS environment comes particularly to the fore with built-in spatial analyses in which it is possible to browse through results and trends according to specified parameters and locations.

The module also offers the possibility of automatic import of testing results from an “outside” laboratory.

It is possible to publish and browse wastewater testing results with the PRoGIS Web Viewer. Given that use of the PRoGIS Web Viewer enables public access to some degree, the user decides to what extent the data will become public.