TV (Optical) Inspection

The sewage system description and the inspection procedure itself are defined by the European standard EN 13508. This module, in accordance with that standard, is designed for TV (optical) inspection of the sewage system.

The process starts with an inspection work order. The inspection can be done as part of the yearly plan or as an unscheduled job.

After a recording is made in the GIS environment, the video footage from the sewer is analyzed and spatial records are made of any problems and/or faults detected. The records can be created automatically by importing standard-prescribed ASCII files.

The inspection procedure takes into account both the sewers and the facilities of the sewage system.

In addition to a textual description, the faults can also be described using attached photos and video footage.

Also an integral part of the module, are records of all faults in the GIS database of the system (such as unrecorded connections, manholes, diameter changes, and similar).

The report printout contains a sketch of segments with chainages notated for the faults, and the code of the fault with a textual description and photos.

The TV cameras for inspections of the sewage system are delivered together with the software which also, in accordance with EU standards, describes faults detected while filming. Our module has the advantage that faults are recorded in the GIS technical information system, further describing the elements of the sewage system. Such data are an excellent source of information for further planning processes (optimization) and for rehabilitation of the system.