Loss management

This module falls into the category of the most complex modules that we offer. In order to work, it needs a series of data created by other modules. Most importantly, the following must function: the basic (Geodetic) module, module for linking to the control management system, module for linking to the business information system, and preferably, also the fault logging module and module for valves manipulation.

The module records DMA (District Metering Areas) zones which represent units for controlling and managing losses. An algorithm, when creating a new DMA zone, checks the topology of the zone (its proper relationship to the gas network, facilities, metering equipment, valves and consumers). At the same time, it warns of any potential inconsistencies, expecting the user to remove them. From the list of flow meters, the module creates an algorithm with which we can calculate the amount of gas that enters and stays in the zone.

Data on recorded consumption, which source location is in the business information system, is available here, provided by a link between the technical and business information system.

While working, the module warns of any unexpected increase in the entry of gas to a particular zone. All other analyzes are based on the analysis of minimal nightly inflows.

The valve manipulation algorithm, in this case, helps to define subzones in order to narrow down the area for fault searching.