Fault logging module

One of the main tasks of a company that specializes in gas distribution, is the maintenance of system functionality. Fault repairing is one of its top priority jobs. The module covers this process by utilizing IT, and creates quality records which form the basis for optimization of rehabilitation of the system.

Each application is associated with an address, which is used when working in the field, and every fault is associated with the appropriate element within the gas network so that a quality analyses can later be conducted.

In the attribute description, it is possible to have a separate attribute description of the visible characteristics of a fault, the problem, and the cause and manner of repair. All these data are entered from a pre-prepared “locked” list in order to ensure the preconditions for future quality analyses.

If they wish, users can within this module, also document repair costs, or for this purpose, records of faults linked with the work orders of their business information system.

In the module there is also the possibility of documenting all steps (working procedures, obligations) that were taken during the process of repairing the fault.

Each fault can be linked to an unlimited number of documents such as, for example, photos or an insurance claim.

Due to the importance of correcting faults, our customers in the gas distribution companies acquire this module as one of their first, often immediately after the basic (Geodetic) module.