Water supply

Replacement of water meters

This functionality is most often a part of the business information system. It is developed in the GIS environment and provides a spatial overview and analysis of water meter data and related data.

The module handles both regular and unscheduled water meter replacement. One of the advantages of this module, in contrast to the usual procedure, is the spatial creation of work orders, i.e., creation of orders for circulation throughout a certain part of the system (residential area), in order to designate the water meters that must be replaced in the current year.

Water meter readings are exported into the business information system, in order to carry out a proper accounting of services. The module prepares all work orders and forms for field work, and the user also has available quality statistics as well as analyses of completed jobs and jobs that must be completed in the current year.

Work orders for unscheduled water meter replacements can be taken from the Fault Logging Module.