Zagreb Holding, Water Supply and Drainage subsidiary: The new version of the Basic (Geodetic) module

After procurement of a new server by the “Water supply and Drainage” subsidiary, we installed the new version of the Basic (Geodetic) module for water supply and conducted the related training for the subsidiary’s staff.

New user: “Water supply and Drainage Ltd.”, Šibenik, Croatia

The company “Water supply and Drainage Ltd.” in Šibenik decided to purchase our Basic module for water supply. With this module, they will manage the spatial records of their system.

Water Loss Europe 2012

At the conference “Water Loss Europe 2012” in Ferrara, Italy, we made a presentation on the topic of GIS and leakage monitoring.

New user: Pula Herculanea

“Pula Herculanea Ltd.” In Pula, Croatia signed a new contract for rental of our software modules for sewage systems.

New users: The utility companies in the Croatian cities of Knin and Drniš

The utility companies in Knin and Drniš became users of our software.

Connection with SCADA systems, Water loss management

We developed the Module for connection to SCADA systems and the Module for water loss management.


Basic software modules for any GIS workplace, in desktop or web environment. General software can be upgraded with specialized modules.

Water supply

Our functionally richest solution: from maintenance of basic data on facilities, pipelines and equipment to recording faults and water quality.


Includes sophisticated modules such as interpretation of faults in the sewage system using visual inspection.


This module follows our water supply solution because of its similarity to the one for infrastructure, with regard to functionalities.


Complete spatial information system with the ability to connect to your business information system.

Green spaces

Includes an extensive list of planned spatial layers with paths, benches, waste bins, vegetation... We have lists prepared with all types of trees, flowers and shrubs with Croatian and Latin names.

Public lighting

This module keeps very detailed records on facilities, equipment and power lines, right up to the circuit level. It also contains very extensive catalogues of equipment.

Waste disposal

Records the service customers, locations for sorted waste, containers, and routes. It maintains a planned garbage pickup calendar. Can be linked with vehicle tracking and the business information system.

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